Larit Measurements Ltd. is privately owned company engaged in supplying and servicing measurements equipment to the Israeli industries.
The company was established in 1990, with the aim of manufacturing and marketing solutions for different industrial segments.
The company specializes in design and manufactures of unique load cells and force sensors for specific purposes, combining vast know-how.

Measurements Devices

Larit Measurements engaged in marketing and selling measurements devices such as:
– standard and special load-cells
– Displays and digital indicators
– Torque sensors
– Position and distance sensors
– Motion and Displacements transducers
– load lift devices.
– Force gauges
– Tension Meters
– Dynamometers
– Accelerometers
– Precision weights
– Weight transmitters
– unique weighing systems
and other measurements and control instruments.

Companies Present

Larit Measurements represent leading and well-known international companies which their products are in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as:
– VISHAY – Load cells
– RINSTRUM – Displays and weight indicators.
– KISTLER – Torque sensors and insert press modules.
– WAYCON – Position, distance and angel sensors.
– SCHIMDT – Tension meters.
– IMADA – Force and torque gauges
– MICELECT – weighing devices for elevators
and others.


Larit Measurements has a variety of customers from many industry sectors such as:
– R&D institutes
– Universities
– Automation
– Machine building
– Electronic
– Pharmaceutical
– Chemistry
– Laboratories
– Food and beverage
– Aviation
– Security
– Scale manufactures
and others.

The Israeli commissioner for weights and measurements for service repair and as calibrator and marketer of load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, pressure sensors, precision weights and weight systems certifies Larit Measurements.

Larit Measurements has a comprehensive quality management system approved and holds “ISO 9001-2008” quality system certificate.

Larit Measurements enjoys a continuous growth, which is the outcome of Larit constant dedication to maintaining the highest standards of customer service, product quality, competitive prices and precise delivery time.

TEL: 972-(0)9-7444610

CEL: 972-(0)50-8989467